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Rev. Barbara Ryoshun Lutz & Rev. Dai-En Bennage

MEZ Friends

The first of the six “Perfections,” or Paramitas, is Giving. In giving we receive merit, because we help something good continue in the world.  When we give, it actually benefits our meditation practice, strengthening our ability to trust the universe and what comes. A flow and ebb is created in both directions.

Donations help to maintain Mount Equity and aid unwaged participants. It is through the mutual exchange of offerings for the priceless Dharma teachings that a Zendo is able to flourish and meet the growing needs of those who come to its doors.

Buddha's Birthday Bash Picnic

Buddha's Birthday Bash Picnic

Becoming A Friend of Mt. Equity Zendo

Thanks to the donations of many people in the past we are able to provide Zen Meditation retreats today. Mount Equity Zendo is a 501(c)3 religious organization and all offerings made beyond the suggested donations are tax deductible. Friends receive discounts on retreats, free Tuesday/Thursday evening meditation, and access to our library. To become a MEZ Friend, please consider the level of monthly support you feel most comfortable with:

$20 (Mindful Friend)
$30 (Concentrated Friend)
$40 (Insightful Friend)
or other (Flexible Friend)

...and email us at registrar.

Or simply donate through Paypal:

No one is turned away for lack of funds who sincerely wishes to try this practice.  We recognize the circumstances of students and persons on fixed incomes.

Rev. Tokushin Matsumoto, NiOsho's Zen friend and Abe`Teiko Sensei,
a tea master who accompanied NiOsho to the Japan disaster area.

Both came from Japan for one week to help NiOsho move.
There is more than one way to become a Friend of Mt.Equity Zendo!

Mt. Equity Zendo offers Zen Meditation and the seamless practice of mindfulness.

For information on Mt. Equity's programs call 570-546-2784 or e-mail registrar.
Mt. Equity Zendo is located at 479 Village Rd. Pennsdale, PA 17756-7873