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Mt. Equity Zendo relies on your generosity to make these retreats possible.  Please consider makeing a tax-deductible donation, as your means allow, for the event you wish to attend:


Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy, those with cold symptoms are asked to consider coming to a later event.  If you need to cancel less than three days before the start of an event, please consider making a donation of $20 to help offset the cost of preparation and food expenses.

Mt. Equity Zendo reserves the right to re-direct one whose requirements are more than the community can fulfill.

"Buddha's Birthday Bash"
Sunday, May 4th 2014

Special/Upcoming Events

*Please register at least one week in advance for retreats by contacting the registrar.  The exception to this is Tuesday and Thursday Zen Meditation.

Thursday Evening Zen Meditation 

7:00 – 8:30 p.m. (Plan to be seated 5 minutes before 7pm.)

Zen Meditation (Zazen), walking meditation (Kinhin), shared reading and text discussion.

Suggested donation: $6, $3 (students/fixed income)
(MEZ Friends Free)

*On the 5th Thursday of the month there is a personal Intro to Zen possible by appointment.

Tuesday Evening Zen Mediation

7:00 – 9:15 p.m.

Zen Meditation (Zazen), sutra recitation, walking meditation (Kinhin), shared reading and discussion.

Suggested donation: $6, $3 (students/fixed income)
(MEZ Friends FREE)

*On the 5th Tuesday of the month there is a personal Intro to Zen possible by appointment with the registrar.

Sesshin 2014 Schedule

March Sesshin, Mar. 14th - 16th

Rev. Jisen Coghlan will be our guest teacher, disciple of Rev. Kyoki Roberts of Zen Center of Pittsbugh. She will be coming with her student "Cat" Mowery. Her friend from Shasta Abbey, Rev. Bridin will also be coming to join us for March sesshin. She is on a one-year sabbatical from their monastery founded by Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett Roshi.

Rev. Jisen will be sharing more body movement, including what she has been learning of late from a Chinese tradition from a teacher that only speaks Chinese! Come and join us and see what this will be all about.

April Sesshin, April 11th - 13th

Join us for the practice of seamless practice of sesshin, including talks from Bucknell's Prof. Stuart Young about some of our earlier Zen masters such as Asvaghosa, Nagarjuna, and Aryadeva, as conceived in China.

Day of Zen, May 3rd-4th -- Tanka Poetry Writing with Marilyn Hazleton

As a former Captain in the U.S. Army, poet Marilyn Hazleton experienced the Ho Chi Min Highway campaign. She says that "tanka [poetry] is what gave me back my voice". And what a voice! Please join us for zazen 10 a.m. to noon, a brown bag lunch, followed by poetry workshop from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. We invite you to stay overnight for our celebration of Buddha's birthday on Sunday, May 4th.

For further information on attending Sesshin see Longer Retreats

Special Ceremonies

Weddings, baby blessings, funerals, and memorial ceremonies are  also officiated at Mount Equity Zendo.

Wedding ceremony of Missy  and Rich Reilly.

Mt. Equity Zendo offers Zen Meditation and the seamless practice of mindfulness.

For information on Mt. Equity's programs call 570-546-2784 or e-mail the registrar.
Mt. Equity Zendo is located at 280 Mt. Equity Rd. Pennsdale, PA 17756-6564